Killian's Passion

Killian's Passion

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THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISSION Killian Shawnessy was arrogant, imposing… and worth a bundle

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And it was up to feisty Cara Sinclair to deliver the brooding heir to his long-lost family

Could Cara prove to Killian the power of love before their hourglass ran out A hidden passion, a hidden child, a hidden fortune

Revel in the unveiling of these powerful, passionate SECRETS

What he really desired was her!In Killian's strong embrace, Cara's long-repressed desires were met and mastered

Yet after locating the mysterious millionaire, Cara discovered the sexy loner's true passion did not lie in his secret fortune

Yet too soon she realized her dream lover's mind wasn't on marriage but on a hush-hush mission he'd sworn to fulfill